Print your own We Are Everywhere Stickers using Avery Label - 5164 label template

Print your own We Are Everywhere Stickers using Avery Label - 5164 label template

My name is (REDACTED.)

I am a regular visitor to your Sipseystreet Irregulars Blog.

I have posted a number of remarks under the name of "Legal Alien". I am obviously a strong supporter of your Blog and your Threeper philosophy.

The recent blog posting about civil disobedience (if that is what some want to call it) and the notion to put the Collectivists on notice that the Threepers are everywhere got my thinking about ways it can be achieved. Being a computer geek, I took the liberty of copying one of the images I found very compelling, played around it some, and was subsequently able to reformat/resize it slightly to be printed on a shipping label. For the label, I choose a 3 1/3" x 4" Avery shipping label with 6 labels to a page (using the Avery 5164 label template). I used Microsoft Word for this purpose.

The results are really very nice. Six labels to a page - quick to remove and stick where you want it to be noticed. Can be printed on any laser, or inkjet printer. The label paper is available at any stationary store, or Walmart (where I got mine).

I am attaching herewith the MS Word document, already formatted and filled with 6 labels. If you feel like it, feel free to make it available on your blog and maybe some Threepers, Oathkeepers or other patriots who visit your blog prior to the April,19th DC event, can use it, and run off a number of sheets of labels, and have them ready and available on April 19th, to stick wherever there is an opportune spot.

Some shopfront windows, mailboxes, Obama bumper stickers etc, in my vicinity is going to get labeled in the next few days.

Good luck with the April 19th DC event and watch your sixes!!!

Legal Alien

OK, so if you want me to send you Legal Alien's template, all laid out and ready to print, drop me an email at [email protected].

I'm still waiting for confirmed reports of the "We Are Everywhere" campaign. Am I getting across to anyone out there? More importantly, are we getting across to them? We ARE Everywhere.


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PM me with an email and I'll send it to you.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke
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