Pro-gun Organizations Call On ACLU To Defend Second Amendment Rights

Pro-gun Organizations Call On ACLU To Defend Second Amendment Rights

February 5, 2010 by Personal Liberty News Desk

Citing law enforcement data that suggests murder rates have gone down while gun sales have increased, the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) has sought to dispute the claims that guns cause violent crime, while the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA) has called on civil rights organizations to protect access to guns in the United States.

SAF says a newly released FBI report found that in the first six months of 2009, murders across the nation dropped by 10 percent. Moreover, its National Instant Criminal Background Check System shows that in January 2009 gun sales rose 28.8 percent over the same month in 2008, February’s sales were up 23.3 percent and in March they were up 29.9 percent over March 2008.

"This shows… that gun prohibitionists are wrong when they argue that more guns result in more crime," said SAF executive vice president Alan Gottlieb.

"Firearms in the hands of law-abiding citizens are no threat to anyone," and increasing sales may even have discouraged violent criminals, he suggested.

Meanwhile, CCRKBA reacted to the announcement from The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) which said it will monitor government response to recent police shootings in Washington State to make sure no proposals violate civil rights.

"We share the ACLU’s concern that the legislature’s reaction may be to clamp down on the rights of law-abiding citizens without accomplishing anything," stated CCRKBA chairman Alan Gottlieb, emphasizing that the right to keep and bear arms is constitutionally enshrined.

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Alan Gottlieb

Gottlieb is one of the strongest voices supporting the 2nd Amendment, and the entire constitution, in this country. As Sean Hannity would say, a truly great American.

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