@ The Range

@ The Range

The Officer in the Cammo, the young man with the long gun and the kid adjusting his holster,
are Father and Sons. Jake, the one with the long gun, was a Glock Armorer, at the age of 19.
Daddy, Less, trained both Sons over the years. Jake and Matt trained this (my) Academy, in clearing buldings, as well as Range. Less is the Officer, I have mentioned before. He lost his life in an auto crash, going home after his shift. Officer Wilmott's Patrol vehicle came over a small rise in the road and struck the back of a stopped tractor trailer. The driver of the truck stopped to reference a map, but failed to pull the vehicle off the road. The driver and truck was from Mexico. Emagine that.
The other Officer in the photo was my Acamamy partner. The men in this photo, we all go to the same church. I watched these boys grow up.


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Is this the Les Wilmott that was a Sheriff's Deputy working out of Jenks, OK? If so, I knew him well when we lived in Sapulpa. We went to the same church. I would hate to know that he's gone. He was a fine man, a fine officer, and a good friend to everyone.

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When Less was with the Sheriffs Dept. he worked SWAT, for Rogers County. He was Chief in Inola, Then Chief in Beggs. Shortly after Beggs, He went to work in Kefier. Keifer is where I went to the Acadamy, On, 29-May-2008, Less left Keifer traveling north to Oolagah, about 5 minutes from his home when the accident happened. And yes he lived in Sapulpa. My partner compleated his MMPI test at His Appartment. For those, MMPI is a syco, or head test, to evaluate you to see if you are crazy enough to be an LEO.


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