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8 years 16 weeks ago, 12:58 PM


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I'm doing really well today. It's just a gorgeous day here in North Central Texas. 70 degrees, bright and sunny with a cool breeze blowing. I got the windows open in the house and lots of fresh air and I'm not having any chest pain at all today. Maybe those new long acting nitrates are doing me some good now after all, or maybe the Lord is just being kind to me. Either way, it's always a great day to not have the angina. How are you and your family doing? Have my boys been behaving themselves? They better have. My oldest boy is already in dutch with Rashi, but they won't tell me what that's about. I guess they're worried I'm made out of glass and might break or something. Ha! Actually I'm kind of gratified to hear my oldest got in trouble about something! He never gets in trouble. It's just not normal. Worries me no end sometimes.
They had a great time this weekend at the tournament. My younger boy forgot to bring his A game though and is currently in third place, but he made the cut in both the prelim rounds on Saturday and Sunday, so he'll get to shoot in the semi final on next Saturday and if he shoots better next weekend he'll move up some and make the cut to the finals on Sunday. I don't think he can catch Gary this time. Gary brought his A+ game this past weekend and shot perfect scores on both the prelim rounds. If he shoots that well next week he'll win for sure. That reengineered FNH FAL of his is just a great rifle. But his go to rifle in the 5.56mm caliber military rifles is that Yankee Hill Machine Co. Black Diamond rifle and it's a sweet rifle too. I've been thinking about getting one for Ryu since he's shown interest, but he's already got some very fine 5.56mm rifles as it is. I'm going to have to wait until I get paid the middle of this month though for anything. And I have to pay my dad back for fronting me the money to pay for that new rifle I got for Ryo. I'm glad I did it though. It's a great rifle and Ryo just loves it. He had a ball this weekend working the tournament and he got time on Sunday to shoot his new rifle some more too and he is having a ball. Sorry if it sounds like I'm in proud father mode again, but they are pretty good boys, all of them.


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Hey, good to know you are feeling better. I hope you have been praying, God listens to all prayers. By the way, Boys will be Boys!!lol

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greg az

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We havent had a chance to talk before, im a new member, but also a pretty good judge of character.. Want to tell you that i was welcomed warmly, by Ryo to the site, and have read a bunch of his posts, and note his loving comments about you, and the rest of the family, you have every reason to be proud.

The wife and I have three pretty good girls, were proud of them. They can change a tire, shoot (and not bad either), and all three have turned out, and this is what makes me the proudest, to be smart enough to look for quality in a man as opposed to how he looks, or talks.

We feel blessed, and guessing you do as well. Mikes right about the prayer, and i hope you continue to feel well.

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