The Real Reason Why “Political Correctness” Was Created

The Real Reason Why “Political Correctness” Was Created

Posted by David Kramer on August 18, 2010 10:36 AM
It was back in the late 1980s when a friend of mine first told me about the concept of “political correctness.” At the time, though I was still a far left liberal, I thought the concept was a little bizarre. After I became a One World Government Conspiracy factualist and libertarian, I started questioning the whole “political correctness” nonsense. Why would referring to a Black person as a “nigger” or a Spanish person as a “spic” or a Jewish person as a “Jew” (Jewish comic Billy Crystal once quipped that Jews are the only ethnic group whose name itself can be used in a derogatory manner!) be considered “politically” incorrect? Isn’t it actually being socially incorrect?

Then it dawned on me: The reason why the Establishment wants to confuse people by referring to this sort of rudeness as “politically” incorrect rather than “socially” incorrect is because pretty soon it will be “politically” incorrect to say anything against whatever totalitarian nonsense the politicians in the gunvernment decide to enact into law. First you brainwash people into being afraid to say one thing, and then you can eventually brainwash people into being afraid to say anything you want to silence. It’s about fear and control. Case in point: That Dept. of Agriculture moron Shirley Sherrod referred to people who were against Obamacare as racists. (23:39 – 24:12 in the video)


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I don't use ethnic slurs. I don't think it's right, and have never liked it. In the society in which I grew up, and at that time, such usage was so common as to be practically universal. At some times, I used them myself, then later I was very regretful, and rather ashamed of myself. I haven't used them in many decades.
As far as being "politically incorrect", I sure am now, with the Democrats/liberals in charge of the federal government. So be it. I am what I am. If, hopefully, the Republicans take control of Congress back in November, then the White House in 2012, maybe you and I won't be "incorrect".

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"Airman" was a racial slur, mostly by the Mexicans around town. Hell I sat on the back of the bus.

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