Remington Model 11 12GA.

Remington Model 11 12GA.

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This is my 1924 (I think, it was early '20s I know that) Remington M11 12GA. I love this mother effer too. Another testament to John Moses Browning's badassery. He was like Tesla, Ben Franklin, and Alex Bell all rolled into one patron saint of firearm lovers. Anyway, there is an interesting story behind this shotgun. My dad gave me some of his guns, which were given to him by my grandfather. My grandfather had a 1918 M11 just like this one. But, back when we were teenagers, my brother let some of his friends pawn it for $5. My dad finally found one similar and bought it and gave to me. It has a 30" barrel. Ironically, this is the firearm that I am most accurate with. It shoots that well.

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6 years 40 weeks ago

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