Review of the FN Herstal FS2000 556 cal

Review of the FN Herstal FS2000 556 cal

At first I was concerned about buying a 'plastic' rifle. I have a few AR-15 and reload the .223/556. I paid 1500 + tax. The rifle came with a pelican case, 2 30 round preban mags, an extra match grade trigger, factory scope plus the tactical sling. I thought it was a great deal.
The rifle ate all my reloads without any malfunctions. I used remington 55 grain FMJ's (cheapest of all bullets) with 25 grains of IMR 4895 and federal small rifle primers.
The feel of the rifle is very natural. Very easy to carry and aim. very light weapon. I did not even feel the recoil. My son could shoulder and fire the weapon with no concerns (I was standing with him, ready to grab the gun if he had trouble).
Out of the box the rifle had a 1.5 x scope which was dead on at 100 yards. I was hitting a 5x5 " metal gong without ding anything to the scope. Excellent accuracy.
My favorite part of the weapon was the spent case ejection. The spent cases build up internally then fall outside the front of the rifle directly in front of the shooter. All my brass was directly in front of me after I was done shooting. Nice pile, just picked it up.
The trigger pull takes getting used to. Since it is a bullpup design the trigger is in front of the bolt carrier. Even with a upgraded trigger the pull is no where near a cheap AR-15's.
Good deal, great gun.

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