Rex Zero 1S Pistol

Rex Zero 1S Pistol

Rex Zero 1S Pistol
Just prior to the final presidential debate in which Republican nominee—now President—Donald Trump reaffirmed his commitment to the Second Amendment, FIME Group of Las Vegas, Nev., importers of the Slovenian-made Arex pistol, presented to Gov. Mike Pence a Custom Rex Zero 1S pistol commemorating the team’s historic campaign to “Make America Great Again.” Pence accepted the pistol on behalf of Donald Trump.
“The Rex Zero 1S handgun, like Mr. Trump, has recently endured a battery of tests and shown its strength and ability to survive and prevail above all others,” says a FIME Group press release. The handgun (Serial No. 2016) features custom silver grips that are handcrafted by a Las Vegas artist, symbolizing Nevada’s “Silver State” heritage and serving as a reminder to Trump that he has Nevada’s support.

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