rifles, shotguns, rifles, shotguns.. here's 10 for the house..

rifles, shotguns, rifles, shotguns.. here's 10 for the house..

guys.. there hard to see as I pulled them out to "re-pack" and it started to sprinkle.. stopped for just long enough for me to stack and get this shot.. they are all dry, in gun sleeves, or wrapped up nice and neat..

This is in edit.. Guys you will all be happy to know that pard just called and i now have my spell check back.. WAAA HAAA!!!

far side is a scoped Rem 30.06.. hunting piece some nicks on stock..blue is 98 percent,

AR-7, rougher than i thought..

then the LC Smith on the outside.. this is a gem.. 12
GA, exposed hammers, BEAUTIFUL and perfect Damascus bbl.. extractors, great stock.

over seat is a Stevens 12 double.. NRA good to above ave.. PPGS 80

stacked.. a Winchester target master .22 NRA good PPGS 75%

Mossberg mag fed bolt action (skipper.. just like yours) front of stock folds vertical..

Remington 700 6MM ... this is a winner.. should have checked if ADL BDL.. can't see if it has a black tip on stock (thanks for the advice Lee) but it does have the cheek piece "right side stock"

the shotguns are both mossberg.. 1 in 12 ga, and 1 in 20.. both pump obviously.. the 12 is in pretty good condition.. NRA very good PPGS 85 plus.. the 20 is perfect.. NRA NIB PPGS 100%

there's another rifle shown its a 6 MM also.. Gary was a re-loader, and i have 10 ammo cans filled and marked by caliber.. more 6 MM stuff than any thing else..

I have another pic or so i might put up later..BUT..

A one time conversation on this.. Sure you could pick up from the price on the 7 (Jeff has first dibs if he wants it) 125 is an excellent price, and if any of you have interest, i will give you my word that it will be the best price going.. one caveat..(aren't you glad vaq has that sp ck fixed) I'm honestly glad to be back, our little internet hangout was, and is important to me..

I'm not making a dime off of these, any purchase will be a check to sis-n-law.. and i value your friendship, and my reputation (no smart ass comments) to much to damage it in any way.. Our word really is all we have guys.. and i'm not going to risk mine..So while the price will be for REAL great.. Understand that the buyer has all the hassle here.. FFL, (my dealer in Wickenburg to yours) ins if needed, and freight..

Condition is as stated, most are in used condition... they all work, but brother was more of a shooter than a cleaner.. I haven't seen any rust yet.. but they could all stand a thorough cleaning.. if interested (please only if really interested) pm from here on in..

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