on the road.. Thanks to Vaquero for scaning..

on the road.. Thanks to Vaquero for scaning..

This was the Superglide 88 that i got with the 883 trade in.. Pretty much stock, put the 1917 logo on the tank, and of course pipes, but box stock.. Bikes over in Norway now.. Saw an add in the Tucson paper, guess a crew came over once a year and bought bikes.. they did a video of me explaining the scoot, paid me money and boogies off.. This was one good Motorcycle..

Number of pictures, i always loaded for the road the same way.. thats tent and ground cloth across the bars, and secured to the forks and front fender.. No issues with air flow, and a good balance.. same with back stuff.. secured to sissy bar and good balance.

For what it's worth i'm not the least positive that were going to see a black HD when i open this, i transferred files.. you guys get it.. it's me.. remember if we have a picture of thanksgiving 98 or such, that yeah im a retard..but im YOUR retard..makes me special..


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Most always solo..

Had a couple two three times where take a g/f (whispering.. g's not into talk of prior gals) The problem is more to carry and less room to carry it. I've got a pic i'll post later from behind the bars of a an old sportie.. i had two up on that trip, and i felt sorry for the scoot, up'd the tire pressure to like 38 lbs in the rear cause of all the weight.. No problems but pushed it.. Got another three or four pics like above diff bikes, all the same load.. it worked..good weight distribution using the front forks, and handlebars..

One thing that i did that made it simple was to keep the same procedure, and use the same rope, ie dedicated lines.. kept the rope with the tent for example.. The hardest was the back loads, i always had a sissy bar, the little rack that extends off the back could be used, but most heavy weight is on the rear seat (as designed) no problem when i was riding, actually comfortable to lean back against.. but that heavy weight has a tendency to slip on vinyl seat so the tie down was really important. trick was to tie from the bottom of the load to keep it from shifting and then really be aware of C/G issues..

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