Robert De Niro's Colt

Robert De Niro's Colt

Eat your heart out Glock you aint never looked this good

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7 years 41 weeks ago, 9:36 AM

greg az

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morning gents..

CW..does the piece actually have lineage back to DeNero.. Got mixed feelings about it.. They never made the series 80 in stainless, so this is nickel.. and the grips are mother of pearl not ivory.. Remember what Gen Geo P said about the two... i do admire engraving.. The operable word thier is in appreciate the hours of time and skill it takes.. Im more impressed that my favorite actor carrys this bad boy than anything..

Hows the weather, you guys still snowed under...weve got sunshine, and your pal just migt be going to the range..meaning pics tonight..unless G decides she feels good enough to have me drive her up and pick up her car..

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Posted by: CharlesW
7 years 41 weeks ago

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