Ruger Single Six

Ruger Single Six

First gun I bought myself. Ruger .22 "Single Six". 2 cylinders. Shoots mags, longs, and shorts. I always wanted a revolver and I had to have it as soon as I saw it.


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great wheelgun

perfect .22 revolver.

i tried being reasonable,i didn't like it, NRA LIFE MEMBER,USMC VETERAN
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Good choice because its a good plinker.

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Cyanide Cupcake

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love this gun

Couldn't ask for more. Its in great shape, and its cheap to shoot.

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Ruger single six

Cyanide Cup- Hi, just love the Rugers, have them all my life and are fin as hell to shoot. Practice all the time with quickdraw, Last one I bought a few years ago was one in 268 & is just 22lr, w/simulated ivory grips and nickle finish and most important an exact replica of the 1893 marshalls Bisley Vaquerro Ruger single six. A friend of mine came back from Alaska with a piece of Walrus Tusk and let me take it to a guy who carved the real ivory handles on it and took off the cherry red wood ones.

The Bisley is a Englishmans name who saw some Mexican caballaroes ( cowboys) and they wanted in a pistol which is a Vaquerro I guess on that oe in Mexican or spanish or whatever a way to fire it faster and or fan it, like we see in old cowboy movies. So the englisman (Bisley) got in touch with Ruger who was making the Vaquerro for the spanish and Mexicans, I still do not know what that means "Vaquerro" and they came up with the idea of changing the trigger position on the gun, so it looked like it was half cocked already, but wasn't really.

Then they could fire it easier by fanning because it was in the down position already. Then the patent office said it has to have more changes to be called a different gun, like Bisley Vaquerro Ruger instead of just Bisley Ruger. Anyway they then decided to make it so when fully loaded it looked like it did not line up when entering the cartridge chamber. It looked like when loaded if by cartridge chamber it was halfway and the cylinder had to be moved halfway to next slot.

But when fully loaded it did line up where it counted at the firing position and worked perfectly and satisfyed the patent guys that it was a clearly different Gun. I imagine some guys would look at it from the wrong end and think it is not lined up so I am gonna win this one draw match. Not! Anyway this 268 they made about ten years ago or sooner I bought one and soon they will tell how to read the serial numbers to show which one was lucky enough to get Number 1 thru 268.

It is suppose to be so accurate to the original, the parts are interchangable or in writing it says they will buy me a gun of my choice. But I never shot it and the one time it was shot they sent the spent cartridge and bullett in and envelope with the shooters name, and a zippo like lighter w/ruger on it came with it and the extra grips of a cherry wood. I cannot wait to see what Number mine is, and I made a case that is plexiglass in front and hangs on wall of gunroom, that shows it off good. I took a piece of styrofoam and traced the form of gun and cut it out and glued it in case and covered it with green felt and got a sheet of red and cut the ruger symbol out i that and it sticks on next to it.

Now that you got a lecture all I wanted to say is I love the ruger sinle six too. Sorry JLC

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Posted by: Cyanide Cupcake
7 years 6 weeks ago

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