Runaway you working Friday?

Runaway you working Friday?

Brown Berets plan anti-Minuteman protest in Tucson (w/ corrected day)
09/15/2009 10:06 AM
Tim Steller
Members of the Brown Berets de Aztlan, a hardline Chicano activist group, are planning a demonstration at 9 a.m. Friday, Sept. 25, outside Pima County Superior Court. The demonstration is a response to the May 30 murders of Raul Flores and his nine-year-old daughter Brisenia, allegedly masterminded by border-security activist Shawna Forde.

Discussion of the possible demonstration has been bubbling in Minuteman circles for weeks, and I first heard from one of the demonstration organizers a week or so ago, inquiring about court dates for the defendants in the murder. Here’s how they explain their reason for the demonstration:

1. To protest hate Groups and the sponsorship of Minutemen organization by politicians.
2. To see that the political support of such HATE GROUPS be held accountable.
3. To demand that politicians stop funding and put an end to the Minutemen organizations as well as the hate groups they recruit from.
4. To DEMAND JUSTICE for Raul Flores and his daughter Brisenia and all the other victims brutalized and murdered by Minutemen.

It could be an interesting scene that day. I imagine there will be counter-protesters, police, etc. etc. Next thing you know, a flag could be burning. But which flag???

Noe Raul Flores was a big time drug dealer, seems no mention of that! I am truly sorry his precious little child was killed (seriously), but who put that child in harms way? samD


8 years 12 weeks ago, 5:36 PM


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If these guys

are so legite why do they always cover there faces? Now knowing this demonstration will be going on where will INS be?

America is not at war. The U.S. Military is at war. America is at the Mall. If you don't stand behind our troops, PLEASE feel free to stand in front of them!
8 years 12 weeks ago, 5:37 PM


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These people will get free reighn to do what they want!

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Posted by: samD
8 years 12 weeks ago

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