S&W Model 53 .22 Rem Jet

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6 years 29 weeks ago, 9:42 AM


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I first fired a 22 jet in the late 60s. It belonged to my best friend and I have wanted one ever since. His first jet was stolen, so he replaced it a few years ago. I bought my first one in January 09, it came in the box with 6 inserts and 4 boxes of jet ammo. Only thing it did not come with was the 22 long rifle cylinder. Just bought a second, came with 2 sets of insets, both cylinders and in the box. Thought my wife would want me to sell one, but she is ok with me keeping both. I am just happy to have a complete set.
Great shooter, yes it must be kept clean and dry, but all guns should be kept in good condition.
Lots of fun at the gun range, I often load up with 5 22 long rifles, and one jet. Never fails to get attention when I cap off the jet after the pop of the 22s.

5 years 51 weeks ago, 12:21 AM

mike d.

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S & W 22 jet

Beautiful gun! I just bought one myself 2 days ago. I got the original box the extra cylinder and the inserts. I want to ask someone(you) who might know before I tinker on my own, how do you exchange cylinders? I hate to start removing screws not knowing what I'm doing. please advise.
This gun belonged to a friend who recently died. I wanted something of his as a keepsake so I bought it from his widow. I'll bet it's going to be a lot of fun to shoot.
thanks, mike d.

mike d.
6 years 29 weeks ago, 9:44 AM


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nice piece.

...check... G-AZ
5 years 51 weeks ago, 1:14 AM


mike D

shuld be able to remove the cylinder from the bridge by unscrewing the crosspin

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Posted by: allonsguns
6 years 37 weeks ago

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