The SCAMP (Small Caliber Machine Pistol)

The SCAMP (Small Caliber Machine Pistol)

The SCAMP (Small Caliber Machine Pistol) was developed to be a worthy successor for the Colt Model 1911 Government (that has the impressive calibre of .45ACP). Just like this, the SCAMP machine pistol was rather large but would have given its user full-auto fire or a three-round burst of soft body armour penetrating small calibre high-velocity bullets (only the Tuma mte .224 VA bullets seem to be faster in this category!). Note its compensator against muzzle climb and the lack of buttstock and fore grip. The cartridge’s effective range with the SCAMP’s long barrel likely outperformed the weapon’s practical range. It’s also beyond my understanding why a high-velocity weapon with insufficient ergonomics for 100 m (for example) would need windage-adjustable sights. I would have put this gun into the SCHV category if it had something like a buttstock or fore grip and therefore the ergonomics for longer shots (100m for example). It would probably have goten such features if it ever went into production.

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