Schumer Promises a Secure Border

Schumer Promises a Secure Border

Uh, look behind you Charlie you lying prick!

Doesn't Pass the Straight-Face Test Washington Post -- June 25

Senate Democrats Address Immigration

...Schumer said legislation should secure control of the nation's borders within a year and require that an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants register with the government and "submit to a rigorous process to convert to legal status" or face immediate deportation. Rejecting the euphemism "undocumented workers," he said: "Illegal immigration is wrong -- plain and simple."
American Patrol Report Comment –Schumer's proposal doesn't pass the straight-face test. American Border Patrol's Operation B.E.E.F. found that the government failed to meet the requirements of the Secure Fence Act. Not only that, they misled the American People as to what they have built. "The people should demand that the government prove that is has secured the border before any discussion of immigration reform moves ahead," said Glenn Spencer of the American Patrol Report.

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