"Secret Service probes Arizona cop's bullet-ridden Obama image" In Peoria, GA?? LOL

"Secret Service probes Arizona cop's bullet-ridden Obama image" In Peoria, GA?? LOL

Published January 27, 2012 PEORIA, Ga. – The US Secret Service is investigating an Arizona cop after he posted a photo online showing several teenagers with guns posing next to a bullet-ridden Barack Obama T-shirt.Sgt. Pat Shearer also is being probed by Peoria Police Department after posting the photo of seven young men, four with guns, holding up a gunshot-marked T-shirt featuring an image of the US president above the word "hope," on Facebook.
The picture was posted Jan. 20, the week before the president's visit to Arizona, The Arizona Republic reported.
The Secret Service confirmed it was looking into the photo Thursday, with a spokesman telling KNXV-TV that although the individuals involved have a right to free speech, the agency also has a right to question them.
However Shearer -- who has worked for the police department in the Phoenix suburb for at least 14 years -- believes the incident is being blown out of proportion.
"I don't think that the shooting of that T-shirt is that big of a deal," he told the station. "It was more of a political statement ... It's not like they were going to go out and shoot the president."

He admitted he was embarrassed by the photo and added he would risk his own life for the president's.
Jay Davies, a spokesman for Peoria Police Department, said the internal probe was prompted after the department heard the Secret Service was investigating, according to The Arizona Republic.
"We were made aware of that situation today [Thursday] and we have opened an administrative investigation to determine if there are any policy violations that took place," Davies said.


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Hip Hip Hooray

Unfortunately Obozo wasn't in it during the altercation...LOL Joke Secret Service. I would wish no harm to anyone who hasn't been tried and convicted...

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jay sedler

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stupid move for a cop.not that he dosnt have the same rights as the rest of us,just people expect more from police because they look to them as a model of how we are supposed to behave.
the SS (pun intended) is blowing it out of perportion though,he made no threat,he saw something that although distasteful appealed to his political ideology through dark humor.wonder if they busted out the facial recognition software to track down these little would be assassins and bring them to justice for their insult on der furer...IM ALSO JOKING SS,please don't waste any more of our tax on this.

CRY HAVOC and let slip the dogs of war!
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a facebook picture of bullet holes in a muslim picture, not Christians though.
Having a muslim president makes America soooo interesting.

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