The SEIU and the Arizona Demonstrations

The SEIU and the Arizona Demonstrations

Big Money -- Big Organization -- Astroturf American Patrol Report -- July 24

Left, Barack Obama -- Right, Andy Stern
The Service Employees International Union, SEIU, is headed by Andy Stern. Last year he was the most frequent visitor to the White House.
Ten years ago Stern attended a rally at the L.A. Sports Arena where 25,000 people demanded amnesty for illegal aliens. The American Patrol Report was there with its camera. We interviewed Juan Jose Gutierrez of the SEIU. (We called ourselves "Global Village Media" -- and he fell for it.) Watch as Gutierrez talks about Andy Stern and how his union would shut down Los Angeles to get amnesty.

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The SEIU works closely with the White House. Remember this as the demonstrations against the Arizona law unfold.
Other groups supporting the demonstrations include Movimiento Chicano de Aztlan (MEChA), the Aztlan separatist organization, Derechos Humanos, agents of the Mexican government, NCLR, MALDEF and the Spanish language media, plus many others. With the backing of the Ford Foundation and the White House, these demonstrations will be well financed and well organized (note how many wear white shirts), but they could get out of hand.
The Tea Party is grass roots. What you are about to see is Astroturf.

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