'Senior Mexican official' hides behind anonymity to attack US gun rights

'Senior Mexican official' hides behind anonymity to attack US gun rights

'Senior Mexican official' hides behind anonymity to attack US gun rights
August 7, 12:05 PMGun Rights ExaminerDavid Codrea

(AP Photo/Carlos Jasso)ABC News, hardly the most objective of content providers, continues its tradition of giving gungrabbers a megaphone. This time, it's an unidentified "senior Mexican official," whatever that means.

The backdrop is this weekend's North American Leaders Summit, an annual meeting of the presidents of Mexico and the United States and the prime minister of Canada. And among the discussion items:

"I would like to see the assault weapons ban reinstated..."

Oh you would, would you? And why is that?

There is a direct correlation between the assault ban and expiring in 2004 and the numbers – simply the sheer numbers – of assault weapons that we seize in Mexico...

What, you mean like real machine guns? Or do you expect us to believe that a pointless ban on cosmetic features that never removed semiautomatic firearms of equivalent functionality from the marketplace is responsible for your astounding violent crime rate and the astonishing level of Mexican government corruption? Suddenly pistol grips and bayonet lugs are allowed once more on new production and the entire place goes to hell?

And this next bit is telling--but then again, we're dealing with a representative of the state, one who apparently believes political leaders should rule instead of serve:

The Mexican government is not about challenging the Second Amendment.

Right. Which is why you want to deny Americans the right to keep and bear arms suited to its purpose.

That’s a sovereign decision of the United States. It’s a sovereign decision of the U.S. Congress.

Uh, no, actually, it is not their decision. The Bill of Rights exists to tell Congress what it can't do.

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