Sent to me by friends of friends. Cat on Casper Mountain

Sent to me by friends of friends. Cat on Casper Mountain

A few weeks ago our friends in Casper, WY mentioned that they had seen lion tracks in the snow on their deck behind the house. They live on Casper Mountain just south of, and overlooking Casper. Then a few days ago they mentioned that one of their neighbors across the road had seen a lion in the driveway in front of their house. About an hour ago they sent the pictures below. The last picture is behind their house where I think they first saw the tracks. This is one pretty good sized cat. His apparent lack of fear or respect for people makes for an uncomfortable feeling when you go outside in the middle of the day. He appears to be in good condition.

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Beautiful animal

I really like lions. I'm not dumb enough to run up and try to pet them, but I think they're beautiful, graceful and intelligent. Excellent hunters, like all cats.
I've been close enough to touch them at times (but didn't try!), and was not harmed since I didn't do anything that they'd think was threatening. I either just stood still, or moved out of their way. I definitely didn't stare them in the eyes.

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Ever heard one scream

at night? It will sit you straight up out of your sleeping bag! Sounds like a woman screaming only louder.......defiantly something you don't like to hear in the Colorado mouantains at two in the morning!

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There is a wild animal rescue for exotics in So Cal and a campground not too far away. We used to hike a mile or two and look over the fence at the lions and tigers. Lots of different animals. You could hear the lions "huffing" from that far away, easily. Once when we were camping the police had canine units out patrolling the area all weekend because one of the big cats got loose. "Nothing to worry about" they said. Us kids said "cool" heard my grandmother tell my grandfather "lets get the hell out of here". We stayed but, all stayed in the camper the rest of the weekend.

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