sergeant George " whitey" pop...RIP

sergeant George " whitey" pop...RIP

these are but a few of my dads ribbons, the rest are on his uniform he took to his grave with him..the pin seen here second from the left is called the "arrowhead" it was givin to anyone who went ashore at normandy...6 june, 1944...

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The red with white stripes is the Amry Good Conduct Medal. The ribbon below it is the ETO medal and i can see if it has bronze stars or are they oak leafs on it? Left of the Army Good Condust Medal you have the Asiatic Pacific Medal. The bottom ribbon is the French Croix de Guerre WW II. He is missing the World War II Medal. He should have the CIB and if he did he has a Bronze Star too. If you can find his dischange papers it will have all awards listed on it.

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