Shot Detection for the Individual, new to me anyway

Shot Detection for the Individual, new to me anyway

PEO Soldier is devel­op­ing a nifty lit­tle device that gives
indi­vid­ual Soldiers the abil­ity to pin­point the source of incom­ing
rifle fire.
The so-called Individual Gunshot Detection sys­tem clips onto a
Soldier’s body armor and uses sen­sors to hear the “crack-bang” of a
shot, then processes the data in milisec­onds to indi­cate the
car­di­nal direc­tion of the fire’s source and approx­i­mate distance.
The sin­gle sen­sor sys­tem (SWATS, Boomerang Warrior)
reports this solu­tion directly to the indi­vid­ual Soldier on a visual
dis­play and audio alert within a sec­ond of a muz­zle blast. The
tech­nol­ogy is able to detect and pro­vide alert data for vari­ants of
both 5.56mm and 7.62mm sized ammo. The sys­tem is pow­ered by two DL
123 batteries.
I’m still work­ing on details about how many are to be fielded, to
whom and what the cost is, but I will say that I had the oppor­tu­nity
a cou­ple years ago to see a demo of a bunch of these devices in
devel­op­ment for vehi­cles. The one being devel­oped for PEO is
man­u­fac­tured by BBN Technologies
of Boston — they’re the ones who make the Boomerang vehicle-mounted
sys­tem which I found was the sim­plest sys­tem to oper­ate and the
most “Soldier Proof” of the oth­ers, some of which deliv­ered much more
refined information.
Incoming shot announce­ments are trans­mit­ted to an ear
piece while a light-weight wrist dis­play pro­vides range, azimuth
and ele­va­tion coor­di­nates of the shooter posi­tion. As the Soldier
moves, the sys­tem com­pen­sates for the Soldier’s motion and
con­tin­u­ally updates the threat’s loca­tion on the wrist dis­play. A
dig­i­tal inter­face is also included to enable imme­di­ate
trans­mit­tal of shot coor­di­nates to other sit­u­a­tional displays.
This sys­tem seems like a good idea for Afghanistan, given the
ter­rain and cover afforded ambush­ing insur­gents. Put a cou­ple guys
in a squad at strate­gic posi­tions with these things and you could
zero in on the bad guys in no time.
This might also be some­thing that Land Warrior might want to look at…

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Incredibly impressive

I'm continually impressed by the intelligence & inventiveness of the human mind. It would be silly for me to say, "Wish I'd thought of that", because my mind just doesn't work that way. I just fervently hope that it can be a long, long time before our enemies pick up this technology. I hope that if this is patented, it's a protected patent. The Japanese & Chinese both have many teams of scientists whose primary assignment is to duplicate patents from the rest of the world. They then produce whatever it is & don't pay royalties to whomever got the ideas patented.

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I know there is the

I know there is the technology to detect a sniper round. It is at least one sensor array set up near an encampment to help keep our boys safe. I had no idea they were working on individual units for a soldier to carry. Impressive, we need to throw whatever resources possible to develop this.

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