Show Trial in NY 9/11 Fiasco. Obama is going to F it up!

Show Trial in NY 9/11 Fiasco. Obama is going to F it up!

O'Reilly Factor -- Fox News -- November 25

Bill O'Reilly: I think this (the NY trial) is going to damage the Obama administration and entire country in front of the world in ways that are just going to be unbelievable. Am I wrong?
Karl Rove: Oh no, you are absolutely right. This is an utter complete disaster. It will hurt America's security and America's interests all around the world. And I understand that lawyers have to mount the most powerful defense they can mount -- to make every argument they can make -- to provide their clients every opportunity to be heard in a court of law -- and that is exactly -- they're going to undermine the methods that we use to capture these people in war by saying you wouldn't do that to an ordinary criminal who knocked over a 711.
They're going to say the chain of evidence, the treatment of these people -- you didn't Mirandize them -- they're going to make a mockery, a mockery of our constitution by applying it, not to mere criminals, but to enemy combatants. It is going to damage our country all around the world by providing a stage -- you know Khalid Sheikh Mohammed since his capture in Pakistan has wanted nothing more than to have the opportunity to spew his hatred all around the world and hurt America, and we're going to give it to him, or actually the Obama administration is going to give it to him.
Grounds for impeachment: Hurting America's security -- undermining our Constitution -- giving aid and comfort to the enemy -- to name a few.

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let the damn

thing go to court,let this dickhead shoot his mouth off,lets make these radical muslem bastards state their case exactly and then crush them using their own fuckin words,this asshole is going nowhere and he certainlty is not a person that should be tried in a military court.So some slick lawyer gets him off on a miranda violation,i don't think so.An insurgent in a war is different than a terrorist that plots to destroy civilians,and thats what this ass is a chicken shit,boy screwing bastard that got pulled off the goats tit to soon,fuck 'em make some popcorn and enjoy the show.

i tried being reasonable,i didn't like it, NRA LIFE MEMBER,USMC VETERAN
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