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sig skeeter

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Good luck Hot-diggity,

I bought a 'mosquito' for my kids a few years ago and I have never met a gun with more failures....FTF, FTE, 'stovepipe city'......Shit, I wouldn't give that gun to my ex-wife........Well maybe I would, with a 'hot load, real hot', it will fire think that a Hi-point is more dependable and that says a lot. There was a 'cool breeze' something or another character around here a while back that swore up and down that CCI velocitor ammo was the cure, but it didn't work for me, fail, fail,fail, one magazine is all it would digest before the malfunctions started....Maybe I have a bad unit, but what I do know is that I have a $350 paper weight.

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works well for me lol

i've put 100 rounds through it with no failures so far, using CCI mini mags, only thing i don't like about it so far is the sights, how much space there is from the front site when you line it up with the back too much air. other than that its been flawless for me so far, plan on putting a few more hundred through it soon.

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When they are bought new there is an Extra Recoil Spring in the box. There is a reason there are two different recoil springs.

1 is light enough for 22lr loads.
1 is heavy enough for 22 mini mags, stingers and other hotter than normal 22kr loads.

If it is having issues regular 22lr loads chances are you need to swap the recoil spring to the other one and it should function just fine.

I use my brothers all the time and he does also, for the young ones and such. It has well over 20,000 rounds through it and the only real problem we've run across is kind of a serious one.
But Sig fixes it at no cost.

The damn front of the Slide has blown off twice now. The reason is, the slides are not hammered, but machined casting. We shoot mini mags in it almost always and once it has been dropped onto the concrete a couple of times by someone, it doesn't take but two trips to the range and it pops the front off.

Other than that, it is a great little gun...

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