The Skycrane

The Skycrane

The Skycrane... an easy to use, full-featured pack unlike anything that has ever come before it. It's easy and fun to use, and is designed to have such a variety of uses that you will find it capable of doing just about anything, great or small, that you'd want to do with a backpack. It's comfortable, diverse, rugged, and, well, full of superlatives.
The J263 Skycrane introduces a new concept: a modular internal frame backpack that has many "firsts" embedded into it. First application of a Cam Expansion Load Bay backpack. First strapless case carriage. First removable Backscabbard convertible to a drag bag. First use of this type of modular backpack concept. The Skycrane Backpack system will carry your tactical shotgun in the removable integrated long gun case.

It certainly is the "first of its kind." Take a look, and you may agree that this is the world's most interesting backpack. Not to mention that it's the world's most versatile backpack. The Skycrane will back everything you need for a long term field adventure or extreme duty needs.

PRIMARY & SECONDARY USES: At its essence, the Skycrane is simply a great backpack. It has a unique ability to be configured in a number of sizes and layouts. In its secondary capacity, the J263 deploys into the ESS Mobile Sniper Station in a few quick and easy steps. Note the removable drag bag and gear duffel. The system can be laid upon in inclement weather, or the components can be arrayed around to meet your personal preferences, and varied according to individual situations.

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