Smith & Wesson .38

Smith & Wesson .38

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yep fires 38's as stated but it's a 357.. I have one and love it.. that under barrel ejection rod shroud adds a bit of weight up front.. Changed the grips out on mine (in pics) and i don't have the red sight insert.. gone back and forth on those over the years, and to be honest of all the sight options i prefer the three dot that i have on my P-22's (also in pics) I like the "light bar" front sight in terms of picking up available light, but don't like the looks of them..

On the name thing.. This is a throw back to the early Smiths, that were named more than numbered..for example the M27 N frame was called the Highway patrolman.. Smith still issues a name but you're more likely to see a model number than a name..

On the combat masterpiece, thats from the model 19 K frame, same as a model 10 but of course the cylinders 1/10 of an inch longer to accommodate the 357 round.. When Smith brought out the L frame they added the distinguished in front of the combat.. Course thats cause we revolver shooters are a distinguished group...

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