snake, if I had to pick one tank...THE TIGER.....

snake, if I had to pick one tank...THE TIGER.....

Tiger Tank
No. 3: Tiger (Ger)

First produced in 1942. Top speed: 23 mph. Range: 121 miles. Its Maybach engine gives a weight-to-power ratio of 12.3 horsepower per ton. Armor thickness: 100 millimeters. Primary armament: 88-mm gun.

The Tiger scores top marks for firepower; its 88-mm gun was a real monster for the time. For armor it scores close to the maximum. This was a heavy tank, but speed is still reasonable, so it achieves an acceptable score in this category. But it is the production rating that really lets the Tiger down - here it scores close to zero points. Its fear factor, however, is off the scale - even its name was an act of psychological warfare.

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Go Tigers! Thats the name of the local high school sports teams in haysi. lol

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