So there i was in the south pacific..

So there i was in the south pacific..

I love this.. you guys know i like my victorys.. been years since ive had a 1911.. this one just happens to also be parkerized.. has us army on right of frame.. straight 1911A1 in mint condition.. vietnam era brown plastic griips..

I grew up with this weapon.. first handgun i ever fired.. brother carried it as an "owned" weapon (lot of paper work on this as you VNV's know) on both tours.. The black K-Bar was one of a hundred surprises.. works pretty well as a point counter point to my WWII era shoulder holster and K-bar..


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Glad to see ya got something going on the nuclear powered laptop.
Holler when ya want to change those settings.

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greg az

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Guys.. this is serious.. im sorry about the picture quality.. i swear to all that i made an effort to steady as much as i could. Your old padre is a bit of a perfectionist, and the picture quality is a flat embarrasment to me.. Obviously i don't use the camera and will figure out whats wrong before i post another pic.. least it serves as validation.. but disgusted with the results..

HONEST appologies to all...

The weapons from the SMLE (yep #4 Lou) to the 1911, to the three above are in much better condition than shown.. The M1 is just the opposite..

I now retire to lick my wounds... and repair a hurting back.. later all..

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