some history....

some  history....

Recently we featured a drug kingpin's diamond-covered guns on this site but if you'd like something with a little more history for your own collection the silver-plated Colt .38 Special Al Capone bought in 1939 is up for grabs. The gun is for sale for $95,000 on

The listing says that Capone's personal Colt Police Positive .38 Special revolver has the Colt logo stamped on the left side, with factory-original wood grips with Colt logos in relief. The gun was manufactured in 1939, the year Capone was released from federal prison. It comes from estate of Ralph "Bottles" Capone (1893-1974). Ralph was never a big-time Chicago mobster like his brother but he did serve time for the same crime his brother went to prison for, income tax evasion. His nickname "Bottles" came from a business he ran distributing bottled water in Chicago. The brothers were close and Ralph was entrusted with some of Al's possessions, including his rosary, baptismal medal, and this pistol. After Ralph's death per the terms of his will, the gun was given to longtime friend Edmund Koeski in 1976

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Same as the "old boy" except yours is a flat latch.. (guys this is the one I've mentioned trading to my brother).. Couple of differences here.. first this is nickel.. yours is "in the white", (blue is worn out) if i remember thiers just traces left on it..

The major deal tho is the cylinder release, all modern (defined as from early 30's on in this case) Colts have the rounded release as shown in the photo.. Yours is an older "flat latch" model, and the cylinder release is just a straight steel bar with a 90 degree thumb catch.

Yours is the first of the 38 spl..and if i remember also has old Colt pre war black plastic grips.

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