Sonic Barrier Undergoes Successful Test on Border with Private funds... American Border Patrol

Sonic Barrier Undergoes Successful Test on Border with Private funds... American Border Patrol

Sonic Barrier Undergoes Successful Test

"Intruders" detected at more than 300 feet from the line American Patrol Report -- February 20

Three "intruders" being detected by the Sonic Barrier. White square is 300 feet from the sensor line to the right (See larger photo). Border fence can be seen in the background.
... A new technology that offers hope of finally getting control of the U.S. – Mexico border has undergone a successful operational test in Arizona. Tabbed the "Sonic Barrier," the system consists of underground sensors that detect the vibration of people walking. In a test run last Saturday, the system detected a group of three people as they approached at more that 300 away. The test was repeated with the same result. (See video)
One-half mile of the Sonic Barrier has been installed on a ranch used by American Border Patrol, a non-profit Arizona corporation that has been focusing on the use of technology on the border for ten years. ABP will be the subject of a "Border Battles" segment on the Outdoor Channel this coming Wednesday.
According to Mike King, Vice President of Border Technology, Inc., developers of the Sonic Barrier (patent applied for*), tests have shown that the group of walkers would have been detected had they approached anywhere on the 1/2 mile line of sensors. "The system is seamless," King said.
The U.S. Border Patrol uses ground sensors, but they are used as individual unconnected units with a range of about 30 feet and need batteries to operate. According to King, the Sonic Barrier is powered by solar panels and needs no outside source of power. With a detection range of more than 300 feet, and with continuous coverage, the Sonic Barrier is much superior to conventional sensors.
The alert system is Internet-based, with signals being sent out by radio to a satellite link more than five miles away in the desert. It is also solar powered.
*Sonic Barrier was developed with private funds --- no ABP $ used.See more

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I used a system some 15 years ago that was great for it's time that let you know if people or vehicles came close to your detector. It was full of problems as the message states. The detector had to be close to a road or trail. Also it used several batteries. The range was crap and you needed many to do a decent job. It sounds like this is exactly what we need on the border! Great Job!

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