SPLC warning could get conservatives killed

SPLC warning could get conservatives killed

November 8th, 2010 1:33 pm ET.

The infamous 'Southern Poverty Law Center' of Montgomery, Alabama, which is known more for its lies and attacks against conservatives than providing legal assistance to the poor, has issued a warning to law enforcement officers that could get conservatives killed.

According to colleague David Codrea, National Gun Rights Examiner, the SPLC issued an alert to law enforcement stating that their lives are in danger during traffic stops if they pull over drivers with 'right wing bumper stickers.'

The consequence of such a warning is that the lives of thousands of conservatives are placed at high risk. If law enforcement officials believe that their lives are in danger from every driver who has a conservative bumper sticker, it is not far-fetched to imagine a scenario in which citizens are shot and killed due to the unnecessary and ridiculous assumption by officers that their lives are automatically endangered in such encounters.

To further ingnite the hysteria, the SPLC issued a video--embedded in the left column of Codrea's article--that engages in outright fear-mongering designed to do nothing more than malign and possibly threaten the lives of conservative citizens.

As Codrea states in his article,

"We’ve seen SPLC do this ad nauseum with Oath Keepers and gun rights advocates . And what’s chilling is, we’ve seen the Department of Homeland Security pick up on their talking points and we’ve seen them implemented by federal and local law enforcement agencies.

"What this video does is intentionally widens the “us vs. them” divide between citizens and police, heightens the paranoia, and makes the most innocuous of encounters much more dangerous. Now, thanks to SPLC, something as simple as having a political bumper sticker on your car, supposedly protected speech, takes a heightened alert situation and urges police to view non-leftist political sentiment as a potentially lethal personal threat. Because with all the conflation, what message will be enough to trigger a protective reaction?"

The ramifications of such a mindset are ominous. Homeland Security and law enforcement agencies are gradually being indoctrinated into believing that ordinary citizens who love liberty, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution are potential threats to the nation...'potential homegrown terrorists,' as Janet Napolitano once called them.

Since Barack Obama took office in 2008 with a heavy Democratic majority in the Congress to back him, a philosophy has been gradually developed within significant sectors of government that presumes ANY citizen who opposes socialism, Marxism, the U.N, abortion, and other such benchmarks of conservatism is to be viewed as a potential threat to law enforcement, the government, and the life and safety of Americans in general.

Such an unconsionable and despicable smear campaign against conservatives is the mark of extremist Leftwing subersives who wish to fly under the radar screen by accusing conservatives of what they themselves are doing.

The dangerous ones, without doubt, are the ones making these outrageous claims about conservatives.

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I see an anomaly here

Most LE personnel are themselves conservative. If they see "right wing" bumper stickers, they may well recognize the driver as someone in agreement with themselves.

It's as absurd as saying that an NRA sticker on your vehicle will garner suspicion from LE personnel.

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Dee's is a danger to us all. SPLC is worse than the ACLU, I do not care for either organization.
Ever notice how much he looks like Trapper John from MASH?

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greg az

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Period.. This one is a no worry guys.. The shame here is that the organization is resorting to these honestly sick end runs that they always try to say the "vast right wing conspiracy" is doing.. It's a horrible miss use of thier power.. That being said it's also an example of thier contempt, and condescending attitude toward LE..

Literally everyone who is working in Law Enforcement has seen thier tactics and influence with the bench..Safe bet that they all have horror stories of the defendant that got off on some technicality because of liberal Judges..

Ecaman is on the money here, your NRA sticker might help get you out of a ticket a lot faster than buying a hostile traffic stop..

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