Stealth Amnesty by Attrition - Obama Weakens Border

Stealth Amnesty by Attrition - Obama Weakens Border

Obama Weakens Border, Interior Enforcement American Patrol Report -- October 2

Section of 18-foot fence removed by DHS. Fence was designed to allow passage of water, but this year there was next to none.
While the debate over health care and Afghanistan engaged Fox News and talk radio, critics claim the Obama administration has been quietly dismantling immigration law enforcement, at the border and in the interior.
On Wednesday Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol was flying the border when he spotted a huge gap in a new fence recently constructed on the border near his Arizona ranch. "The U.S. government dismantled more than 100 feet of brand new fence with no real justification other than to make it easier for Mexicans to get into our country," Spencer said.
At first glance, it appears that the fence was dismantled to allow water to flow along a wash, but Spencer said this is fallacious. "That fence was designed to allow water to flow through, and there was no reason to remove it," he said. Southern Arizona experiences rains during the monsoon season, but rainfall this year was the 11th driest in 114-years. "It is going to cost at least $100,000 to remove and replace this section of the fence, if they ever do replace it." Spencer added. The monsoon season ended in mid September.
Spencer noted other gaps in the fence near his ranch, including one that was used by drug smugglers.
Also on Wednesday, an Obama task force recommended limiting the authority of local government to assist in immigration law enforcement.
"This is what I would call stealth amnesty by attrition," Spencer said.

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