Stechkin APS pistol 2

Stechkin APS pistol 2
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4 years 25 weeks ago

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Don't tread on me! Courtesy USMC
After work
I'd buy one!
Homicides in most Countries. Gun banned countries the highest!
Sig Sauer p210 broken down, do it with a CZ 75 and look at this, see where the CZ comes from.
New .45 for 21"st century
It's the smell, the sound and the satisfying way the target dies...
Russia Picks New Service Pistol, Fires Armor-Piercing Round
Ruger LCP .380
Gun Made in Slovenia
Grandkids at Frontsight with their Dad
1987 Sig P220 in box
.40 cal Cherries.
Nice 1911
Sig P250 Tactical & Dark Earth

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