Steyr AUG Buyers guide

Steyr AUG Buyers guide

- All factory green AUG's came with 20" barrels.

- The newer green AUGs (903SA900 serial # and up) came with the updated roller bolt carrier (try to buy one of these)Only a must if your AUG is a NFA transferable full auto.

- Also the 905SAXXX and up serial number AUG's had the closed flash-hider

- All factory black AUG's came with 16" barrels

- All the black AUG's had the roller bolt carrier

- 907SAXXX & up AUGs had updated Scope adjust knobs

- There were NO factory special receiver AUG's imported as complete rifles with matching numbers. They are ALL parts guns.

- There were 5,000 Green AUG's imported, some went to Canada.

- There were 1,500 Black AUG's imported, most were sold to Police Officer and some went to Canada.

- There were 3,000 USR's imported, all came with gray stock & grip.

- There were 1,250 AUG Special Receivers imported, all were sold as "AUG Receiver Only" Serial numbers were as E001 & also GSISA001 .

- There were 150 matching number 9mm AUG's imported (mostly in the hands of LE agenices)They were green AUGs in the 905SAXXX serial # range

- About 400 1st/2nd/3rd & 4th generation AUG 9mm kits imported.

- GSI imported 50 factory 14" barrels.

- Pjs Investments imported 130 factory 14" barrels.

- 50 AUG M16 green F/A stocks were imported by GSI.

- 5 NFA Factory LMG Open Bolt green 20" AUGs Imported by GSI.

- There are fewer than 15 AUG LMG open bolt kits in the US.

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Black AUG, 16"

I was lucky enough to get one in 1990 as part of Gun South's police purchase program.

Anyone have an idea what they are worth these days?


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Posted by: samD
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