STI TruBor 2011 Race Gun - about $2600.00

STI TruBor 2011 Race Gun - about $2600.00

The ultimate in cutting-edge technology, the STI 2011 TruBor is the best race ready factory pistol around. With a compensated barrel and the highest quality accessories, such as C-More Railway sighting system, this STI gun is perfectly prepared for the most intense competition. The TruBor also features:

• Caliber: 9mm “major”, 9X23, .38 Super
• Grip: STI Patented Modular Polymer, Aluminum Mag well
• Slide: Classic
• Slide Features: STI Front and Rear Serrations, Slide Lightening
• Trigger: STI long curved
• Barrel: STI fully supported, ramped one piece bull (Truor) barrel, w/ integrated comp./.38 super 9x23: T-2 comp/9mm: T-1 comp
• Safeties: STI Stainless Grip and Ambi thumb
• Guide Rod: STI one piece steel
• Sights: Mounted OKO Reflex or C-More Railway
• Overall Length: 10.5”
• Weight: approx. 41.3 oz. (including scope and mount)
• Competition Approvals: IPSC, USPSA

With a blue finish and patented modular steel frame, the STI International TruBor is not only high performance; it’s aesthetically stunning. Whether you choose the 9mm, 9x23 or .38Super configuration, your TruBor can help you “race” to the top of the pack in competition.

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I hope to buy one of these next year. They are a lot of fun and accurate. Great pistol for shooting IPSC matches. SamD, have you checked out they web site?

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