S&W Model 460XVR Hunter

S&W Model 460XVR Hunter

Model 460XVR Hunter


Price: $1,833.00 *

Caliber: .460
Capacity: 5 Rounds
Barrel Length: 12"
Front Sight: Removable Patridge
Rear Sight: Adjustable Black
Grip: Hogue® Dual Density Monogrip
Frame: Extra Large
Finish: Brushed Polished Stainless
Overall Length: 18"
Material: Stainless Steel
Weight Empty: 80.0 oz.

SKU: 170280

•Fluted Barrel
•Integral Picatinny Style Base Top and Bottom
•Forged Hammer
•Forged Trigger
•Traditional Pinned Sear
•Gun Rug
•Internal Lock
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460 rules

I have the XVR in 460. 460 S&w is an awesome round. I started at 25 meters and worked out to 100 meters. The bullets landed right where I was aiming with a Bushmaster red dot. At the end of the day- 50 rounds I lost all accuracy. The recoil had knocked the mounting screws out 2-3 turns each.
After putting some lock tight on the mount screws and tightening it up, I was good at 100 again.
The best part is being able to fire 45 colts, 454 casull. I reload all the 460's and 45 colts. Cheap and fun aftet the initial gun purchase

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