RATIONALE. The need for a drop in long-range modular chassis system designed around the Sniper and his mission is readily apparent. For Parachute/Air Assault, SOF and SWAT personnel specifically, the desirability of a medium to long-range complete sniper system that can be carried in a smaller package without compromising system integrity, repeatable accuracy or durability is self-evident. Further, the TACMOD Sniper Chassis System (SCS) has the advantage of being mission-configurable to any caliber or barrel length required for a given tactical situation. We further believe that this development represents a very logical product improvement for the US Army M24 Sniper Weapon System and the newer USMC M40A3 Sniper Rifle.

CONCEPT. With extensive experience in shooting and modifying small arms weapon systems since 2000, and years of experience as competitive shooters and operational Sniper the designers of the TacMod SCS and The Committee Consulting applied their depth of experience in the development of the TACMOD SNIPER CHASIS SYSTEM. The TACMOD SCS is a drop in chassis for any Remington 700 action with no gunsmith support. The 700LA/SA will accept Accuracy International magazines; both will accommodate either the five or ten round versions.

The chassis has a removable, round, free floated fore end two inches in diameter designed to allow end user adjustment of the included M1913 rails at the 12, 3, 6, and the 9 o’clock positions. The “fore-tube” can also be ordered in different lengths to fit any operator, barrel length or tactical mission. The chassis folds behind the pistol grip to the left and locks, allowing unimpeded operation of the bolt handle and fire controls for immediate use in the compact configuration.

The pistol grip on the SCS is interchangeable with any M16/ M4 style pistol grip. The butt stock is fully adjustable for length of pull and cheek height insuring user level fitting for maximum range of personal. The butt stock is also interchangeable with any M16/ M4 or M110 style butt stock to multiply its variety of combat uses. Our goal was to improve the overall fit and feel of the current sniper systems of today while providing a modular platform that can be installed, configured for missions, and serviced at the user level while maintaining zero. The SCS was also engineered to use low rings and bases for optic day sight mounting to keep the optic as low to the bore as possible. The TSCS is made of the highest quality aircraft grade 7075 T6 aluminum, hard coat anodized for lightweight and strength.

OPTIONS AND EQUIPMENT. The TACMOD Sniper Chassis System can adapt any night vision and or low light optical sighting device on the market today, with modularity insuring compatibility with all future advances in sighting systems. The TSCS is also fully compatible with all types of slings and sling configurations to include tactical, high-power and competition use.

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but would you take this over a .50cal..??

I have reasons for the things I do, just don't expect them to be reasonable
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that is sexy

sharp looking rifle there,Ivantank in comparrison to a .50,in my opinion they have two different applications so they don't really need to compete.
Guess i like 'em both,ammo cost is the one thing i'd consider but damn that's a sexy rifle.

i tried being reasonable,i didn't like it, NRA LIFE MEMBER,USMC VETERAN
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