Teach with Respect, Learn with Pride

Teach with Respect, Learn with Pride

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ryo and little brother are older some than this little girl in this picture, demo (word mean but or however) little brother was only 10 when pops first start to teach him how to shoot. ryo had to wait until turned 16 before pops was willing to teach how to shoot. also ryo was put on experimental medicine to help control the constant trembling in ryo's hands and fingers, and this took couple of months from before ryo 16th birthday, to make sure the medicine would work. it work just well enough that the doctor and pops and ryo's boss at the gun range where we go were convinced that it would be safe enough for ryo to learn to shoot. ever since ryo have been so grateful to have been born into a family that is even willing to go the extra mile so that handicap person like ryo can be taught to shoot and clean and care for and properly respect firearms. we have also been taught to honor and respect our 2nd amendment rights too. thank you so much for posting this picture.

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Moshi Moshi from LittleDragon
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8 years 17 weeks ago

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