"But that's not fair"

 "But that's not fair"

Sen. Reid goes to a local GM dealer in Washington , D.C. with the intention of buying a brand new vehicle.

Harry looks around and finds one he likes. After going back and forth with the salesman, Harry settles on a price of $45,000.

Harry and the salesman go back to the office to complete the paperwork. Harry works out a 4-year payment plan, and signs on the bottom line.

The salesman shakes Harry's hand and says, "Thanks Senator Reid, the car will be ready for pickup in 4 years."

Harry says, "What are you talking about? Where are the keys to my new car?"

The salesman replies, "No, you don't understand Senator. You make payments for 4 years. THEN we give you the car. You know, just like your health plan."

Harry, with a choking voice, says to the salesman, "But that's not fair".

The salesman says, "NO SHIT".

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