True Hero

True Hero

Covered in mud, after a five-hour long race 16 kilometers Corporal Todd Love (22) managed to reach the goal. That road to overcome 75 obstacles, although his amputated both legs and one arm.

Brave the Marines lost limbs in Afghanistan 2010th when he stepped on a mine, and this weekend, participated in 'Spartan race', an endurance test held in solidarity're raising awareness of the wounded members of the U.S. armed forces.

The competition was open to teams of eight members whose philosophy, as well as on the battlefield, not to leave anyone behind. Because neither team could not continue or finish the race until all its members have not mastered every obstacle.

Loveov Team X-T.R.E.M.E. assisting him in those parts that I was not able to overcome, such as climbing over 2.5 m high wall. They helped him pass under the barbed wire, mud crawl and bypass obstacles. All wore masks, they venture further hampered because these breathing for 30 percent.

- Tim wearing gas masks as a symbol of endurance and the impossible challenges, explained Jeremy Soles, founder of Team XT.REME's.

Love has continued to be active in sports and many other activities and does not let ga physical deficiencies hinder anything. Although no leg on which to await parachute jumping, with the help of colleagues who waited for him. Also surfs and skis, using specially adapted skis.

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