Tokarev 7.62X25 mm Russian Army sidearm mit Russian holding it.

Tokarev 7.62X25 mm Russian Army sidearm mit Russian holding it.

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I live pretty close to Prescott Az, and if you don't get J&G's mailer Sam im gona do you (and all,don't work for the company,just good folks that seem to take a lot of my bucks, Christians, and GREAT prices) phone is 928-445-9650 mailer is free. Example of price:40 rounds 7.62X25 on striper clips for 5.50 or S&B 50 rounds 15.95. Hate the post sounds like an add.
Just good Folks, and best prices ive seen since "Jenson's" in Tucson.. are they still in bussines?

Tok 30 is a flat shooting little 85 grain bottle neck cartidge. Don't know if it was much of a stoper, but fast enough to put a neat round hole in you. If the picture is't staged it sorta sums up what an infantry O's suppost to be. By the way when did the reds go from 7.62X51 to 7.62X54?

a man has to hold his word, hold his beliefs, and hold a good sight picture.
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This pic is

From wikipedia.

My cousins husband has a TT-33.

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