Tonight HBO will air "The Fence," a documentary about the border fence by Rory Kennedy, daughter of Robert Kennedy.

Tonight HBO will air "The Fence," a documentary about the border fence by Rory Kennedy, daughter of Robert Kennedy.

How Kennedy Skirted ABP
Facts Didn't Hinder a Good Story Glenn Spencer, American Border Patrol -- September 16

Tonight HBO will air "The Fence," a documentary about the border fence by Rory Kennedy, daughter of Robert Kennedy.
When she came to the border, Kennedy paid particular attention to the views of Bill Odle, a former Marine who lives right on the border. (A Google search reveals that Odle's comments about the fence show up in almost every review.)
As I write this, I am looking out my window at Bill Odle's house. It is inconceivable that Rory Kennedy stood two miles from the headquarters of American Border Patrol, the premiere researcher on the border fence, and didn't know it -- and hadn't seen its Web site. She just didn't want little things like facts to get in the way of a good story.
The closest thing to an honest review came in the New York Times: "The film provides a litany of facts and figures, without attribution..."
Anyone who watches "The Fence" tonight -- after visiting -- will appreciate the unmitigated dishonesty of the media such as HBO and producers such as Rory Kennedy.

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One Big Lie

HBO Documentary an Embarrassment Glenn Spencer, American Border Patrol -- September 17

"Since 1994 the United States government has not reduced the average number of people successfully crossing our border by one person." Robin Hoover, "The Fence" -- HBO -- 9/16/2010
Last night, HBO aired "The Fence," a documentary by Rory Kennedy, daughter of Robert F. Kennedy. It was a stunning misrepresentation of the facts. Kennedy starts out by suggesting that the border fence in Texas was built on a straight line, leaving huge sections of the border in Mexico. In fact, American Border Patrol's survey shows that the fence was built mostly on the top of existing levees, with many access points.
Kennedy suggests the fence did nothing to stop drug smuggling. Where properly constructed, the fence was so effective it started the Mexican drug war. At one point Kennedy shows a car carrier being used to drive drugs across the "fence." The "fence" was in fact a vehicle barrier that DHS is falsely calling a fence -- proving that the government should have finished the real fence in the first place.
The big star of the show was Chris Simcox. They show him building a border fence. Simcox abandoned his "fence" four years ago and is reportedly hiding somewhere in California.
This piece of open-borders propaganda is so replete with falsehoods and misrepresentations that it should be an embarrassment to the left. I will work to make sure it is.

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This is why

I no longer watch T.V., because of shows like this!!!

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