Traitors Have Just Pierced The Heart of America!

Traitors Have Just Pierced The Heart of America!

Traitors Have Just Pierced The Heart of America!

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By Ron Ewart Sunday, November 8, 2009

”. . . from hell’s heart I stab at thee; for hate’s sake I spit my last breath at thee.”

In essence, that is what the Democrats in the U. S. House of Representatives said to the American people on the night they shot an arrow into the heart of freedom ..... but unfortunately, it wasn’t their last breath. In unprecedented arrogance they pointed their middle finger at each one of you and said freedom doesn’t matter, the constitution doesn’t matter and what is right under the umbrella of liberty, doesn’t matter.

The only thing that matters to them is “buying” more votes from ignorant, naive and hopelessly dependent people by nationalizing American Health Care, to once and for all put a progressive/liberal/socialist/Marxist hold on the balance of power in the United States of America, in perpetuity. Never have so few trampled on so many free souls and apparently, so far at least, without consequences.

It was a mushy, sickening sight to behold as Speaker Pelosi and the other traitors she hangs out with, poured adulation and praises on themselves for the treason they had just committed. They even had the gall to say that what they did was bi-partisan. They had the audacity to say that what they did was for the American people. But what they did was a traitorous act AGAINST the American people, against the principles of freedom, against the free market, against capitalism and in direct violation of their solemn oaths to preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the United States. What they did was to have pierced the heart of America with an arrow, laced with the poison of deceit and lies.

How dare they “thrust” a 2,000-page bill down the throats of hard-working Americans to provide health care for illegal aliens. How dare they threaten fines and jail terms for not complying with a law that is not only unconstitutional, but that almost no one has read, including those that passed it. How dare they pay for this monstrosity by denying health care for our senior citizens. How dare they say that the bill will only cost a trillion dollars (a Trillion Dollars mind you) and is revenue neutral, when not one single bill ever passed by congress has ever been revenue neutral and most entitlement laws cost many factors above the original projections. How dare they nationalize the health care industry and stick their noses into the private, individual lives of Americans. But worst of all, how dare they exceed the enumerated powers as specifically delineated in the Constitution under Article 1, Section 8, Clauses 1 through 18. That in and of itself is a treasonous act and should be dealt with harshly.

Nevertheless, in spite of the glee that the “Pelosi” gang expresses for passing the health care bill in the House on the late evening of the 7th day of November in the year of our Lord 2009, it is still along way from passage. The Senate must now pass a companion bill and then the two bills must be merged in conference committee. Both Houses are a long way apart at this writing. So the Bill the House just passed, in all likelihood, won’t look anything like the final bill, even if there is a final bill. Maybe it will be 4,000 pages that no one has read. Maybe it will be so complicated that a thousand lawsuits will be brought before the United States Supreme Court and there it will be torn to pieces, or shot down in its entirety. We can only hope. But even worse, if the health care does pass, it will provide more opportunities for emotionally and financially draining lawsuits between aggrieved parties, egged on by lawyers who make their living of off human weaknesses and interpreting laws that no one else can understand.

What transpired on this dark night of November in the House of Representatives, represents one of the six pillars of enslavement that the progressives in power are attempting to achieve. They are well on their way to reaching their goal. Nationalized health care will control all of our entire private, personal lives. Cap and Trade legislation will control all of America’s energy. The Clean Water Restoration Act will control ALL waters of the United States. Several bills in the Congress are designed to control all food produced on the productive soils of this great land. An international treaty, if ratified by the Congress, will bring gun control to America, in spite of the Second Amendment. The National Environmental Policy Act, the Marine Mammals Act, the Salmon Recovery Act and the Endangered Species Act (and too many more acts and laws to mention here), administered by the Environmental Protection Agency, will control all land in America. When the progressives control your health, your land, your water, your food, your energy and your guns, you will have been ensnared in a trap that they have been laying for you for the last 80 to 100 years, while you were sleeping.

So we say, now is the time to yell it from the roof tops of America. Scream it from the highest peaks of all the mountains. Aggressively speak it at government meetings, town halls, protests and civic assemblies. Mean these words with all your heart and commit your lives, your fortunes and your sacred honor to them, because it will take that commitment if we are to win:


He who thinks we will, does so at his or her own peril.

There is a way to win you know. DO THE NUMBERS!

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8 years 14 weeks ago, 8:43 AM


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Great writing

They are doing it by the numbers and the sheeple just keep following!

Patrolman Kato
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They are the American people's liberty teeth and keystone
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8 years 14 weeks ago, 4:47 PM


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Just makes me go bezerk! Billy Jack!! my hero

"We cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home" Thomas Jefferson
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Posted by: samD
8 years 14 weeks ago

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