Truth hurts gun control agenda . Peoria, Ill

Truth hurts gun control agenda . Peoria, Ill

The City of Peoria, Illinois wants to be a test city for allowing law abiding city to be licensed to carry concealed handguns for self-defense. An online poll showed 51% of respondents supported the proposal, while only 13% oppose it. Without seeing the poll, I'd assume the balance are undecided.

Naturally, gun control pundits oppose the plan and give dire warnings that "research proves concealed weapons could add to crime."

However, the opposite is true. A great deal of research has been done into the issue of lawfully armed citizens and their effect on crime rates. The vast majority show that at worst, it has no net result on crime rates while many demonstrate that violent crimes decrease and those crimes are shifted to crimes against property (burglaries instead of robberies, for example). Of course, there are a few studies supporting the gun control agenda, although those are ones that happen to have been commissioned by gun control groups.

The truth is, concealed carry does not raise crime and does make citizens safer.

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Just before I started to read this, I wuz gitt'n ready to be PISSED again! Then as I read, I became more calm, the blood pressure settled back down. And then, I was like the "BOBBLE HEAD" and was say'n ya, YA !! I'ts about time we done some test trials!!! Every State in the Union need to do their own tests. I would recomend Chacago, for the next test city The 51% are the AMERICANS, the 13% are those that have their head up Nancy P's Rectum. ( Cut & Paste)I'd assume the balance are undecided( My thoughts)and/or just drifting through life.

Lyle Hutchinson
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