Two gun Kid

Two gun Kid

I always liked the dairy cow vest. I don't know why.

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7 years 25 weeks ago, 5:18 PM

greg az

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look familure

Pop called me "cowboy" till the day he died.. and man i had a hard time dealing with a base ball glove and a fanner 50 (remember them) .. This is for real, when all the kids would get together in the neighborhood to play ball i was in the mix, but always had one straped on (a gun ebear, a gun) .. looking back at it i don't think i ever had a pair.. just one, and of course the daisy.. maybe the bb gun was later tho.. anyway sure brings back memorys.. do you remember the smell of the caps..

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7 years 25 weeks ago, 5:28 PM


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Cap guns

I'd fan that puppy till it looked like an accountants adding machine tape rolled out of it.
Rip that sumbeech off and reload.
Maybe that's why I like the smell of burnt gunpowder so much.

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7 years 25 weeks ago, 6:07 PM


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sweetest cap guns ever made.

But talk about sweet, I had my hands on a Taurus Raging Bull
about an hour ago, 8in mag port 454 Casull
Wife would have used it on me if I brought it home $500.00
Don't know what I need it for but damn it felt good

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6 years 46 weeks ago, 10:30 PM


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I love checking the pics y'all post! Just ran across this one. I remember that comic. Yea, I had cap guns too. I'm with you Vaq, I think cap guns gave me a love for burnt gunpowder too. I think I could buy a box of 5 rolls of caps for something like a dime or so. I never did figure out how many times you could shoot without reloading. I do know that over the years I probably shot several thousand rolls. I also know that I wore the (hammer) springs plumb out on several of those cap guns. The pistols and the rifles both. I even had, at one time, a daisy bb pistol that looked like an old colt peacemaker. It was one of the spring guns and the last time I remember shooting it, the bb just barely made it out of the barrel. Guess I wore the springs out on it too. I also had two bb rifles one was a daisy model 25 and the other was a daisy that looked like a winchester model 1894 lever action. I never got the red ryder one, mine was the other one. Many a sparrow fell prey to those guns. So did a few matches. Good thing my grandmother can't see this now, she would have had my hide for using her good matches for targets. I am lucky though, I never shot anyone's window with one.

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Posted by: Vaquero
7 years 25 weeks ago

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