U.S. 'gun control' not the answer to Mexican crime - great article attached

U.S. 'gun control' not the answer to Mexican crime - great article attached

May 15, 4:02 PM

We've been off-and-on discussing violent Mexican drug-related crime and the opportunistic plotters in this country trying to exploit it by enacting further citizen disarmament edicts. My last column on this topic includes links to the various deceptions they've been trying.

Information I have received from reliable sources says the Zeta criminal organization is stepping up its ruthlessness on our side of the border. Mules who if detected would previously abandon contraband they were smuggling, must now, under threat of death for failure, protect the drug shipments they are carrying rather than abandon them. To do this, they have been ordered to carry weapons.

And when the Zetas give an order, they expect to be obeyed. Here's a bit about them:

Mexican prosecutors say the Gulf drug cartel and its Zeta hit men are the most violent of Mexico's gangs and account for the highest number of weapons seized...

Together, they accounted for a majority of the 31,512 weapons seized by law enforcement officials since December 2005. Those arms include anti-tank weapons, grenade launchers and .50-caliber rifles.

Who still believes they get their military grade weaponry from American gun shops and gun shows? Especially when we know this about them:

Many journalists and analysts who write about Los Zetas still refer to this group as the enforcement branch of the Gulf Cartel. This was a true description when the original 31 Special Forces soldiers abandoned the Mexican military to protect a young, upcoming leader of the Gulf Cartel, Osiel Cardenas Guillen. But today the Zetas have evolved into a separate entity with its own agenda. And it doesn't take orders from the Gulf Cartel.

And the Zetas don't just recruit from the military:

Members of Los Zetas, along with Cardenas, bribed, threatened and cajoled local and state police to assist with that protection detail. In most areas where the Gulf Cartel operated, local and state police formed the outer rings of a four or five ring-deep security detail for Cardenas and other top leaders of the Gulf Cartel.

Just a bit more information on why the Zetas are so feared:

Mexican police have found 12 decapitated bodies in Southern Mexico, as violence rises in Yucatan peninsula, a tourist resort.

Meanwhile, on this side of the border:

Former Starr County Sheriff Reymundo "Rey" Guerra pleaded guilty Friday to one count of drug smuggling conspiracy, a week before his case was set to head to trial...

FBI agents arrested Guerra in October as part of a nationwide sweep of Gulf Cartel members and their associates.

And when a citizen tries to protect himself, his property, and by default, the rest of us from the results of cross-border War on (Some) Drugs corruption, what happens?

One of the 16 illegal immigrants allowed by a federal court to sue an Arizona rancher for stopping them at gunpoint after they sneaked across the U.S.-Mexico border is a convicted felon deported from this country after a 1993 arrest by U.S. authorities on drug charges, court records show...

MALDEF had sought Jan. 6 to preclude questioning, testimony or evidence regarding Gonzalez´s drug conviction and his removal from the U.S., saying it was "irrelevant to the factual and legal issues at hand and extremely prejudicial."

Yeah, if only there was a federal ban keeping semiautomatic firearms from you and me...I mean, it only makes sense to make us even more vulnerable to monsters who are increasingly making their presence felt in this country.

Doesn't it?

Further information: "Some agents of Mexico's Federal Investigative Agency (AFI) are believed to work as enforcers for the Sinaloa cartel, and the Attorney General's Office (PGR) reported in December 2005 that one-fifth of its officers are under investigation for criminal activity. The PGR reported in late 2005 that nearly 1,500 of AFI's 7,000 agents were under investigation for suspected criminal activity and 457 were facing charges."

Read the Congressional Research Center's Report to Congress: Mexican Drug Cartels.

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gun control- not flinching while I want to eliminate the vermin from the planet, thanks for the post

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