U.S. Liberator .45 auto - Single Shot

U.S. Liberator .45 auto - Single Shot

This is an original 45 CAL LIBERATOR, manufactured by Guide Lamp Division of GM and used by the OSS, dropped behind enemy lines in both Europe and the the Philippines for use by the resistance forces. These pistols were used by the freedom fighters to kill enemy soldiers and take their weapons.

U.S. Liberator, .45 acp single shot pistol. World War II vintage. During the "Big One" General Motors manufactured over one million of these stamped smoothbore pistols (each took about seven seconds to make) from blemished metals and air-dropped these down to the French Resistance and behind enemy lines. The object was simple: Load the crude little pistol with one of the cartridge stored in the butt (a cartoon-like instruction manual without text was provided to educate the resistance fighter), shove it into a Nazi's gut, pull the trigger and then get his much more efficient Luger and Mauser rifle! Most of these little Liberators were left behind when the allies pulled out of the European theatre or they were hove overboard, etc. This specimen is in good condition showing quite a bit of wear with a slight bit of patina forming in places.

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