Uncle Sam & I endorse this message...

Uncle Sam & I endorse this message...
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Not the sharpest knife in the drawer
Dutch--I am holding him, purebred, Himalayan so black, looks blue at times, Hunting cat bred.
my redneck engineered receiver vice block 1/2
KG Industries Gun Coating....
My landlord told me I had to clean out my storage unit, any one wanna help ?
THOR TR-15 10.3in 5.56 CQB Carbine
pain in the ass!
Three Dagger"s
my first 200 yd 5 shot group out of my AR15 build(40gr bt V-max)
Ohio gun law handbook
Donna and I on the way back to Arizona from Las Vegas
Daily rest
January 2011 GunsLot Girl Jessica With AR-15 Kneeling
Turntable, hi-end tech of 80"s

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