U.S. Armed Forces Commemorative M1 Carbine - US Air Force Edition

U.S. Armed Forces Commemorative M1 Carbine - US Air Force Edition

World War II. Korea. Vietnam. Few people or firearms hold the distinction of serving the United States in three consecutive wars—but the M1 Carbine does. The fast-handling, sweet-shooting M1 Carbine is an all-time classic that served our armed forces for three decades. No collection of military arms is complete without one. Now, The American Historical Foundation is proud to salute our Airman by issuing a firing, custom gunsmithed M1 Carbine in honor of the United States Air Force.

First Ever
As the world’s first M1 Carbine issued in honor of the U.S. Air Force, this is in the “first ever” class of distinction, which has seen many well-documented price increases—an important point to knowledgeable collectors.

Museum Quality
Each is custom gunsmithed to Museum Quality, with these special features:

•Eight parts are mirror polished and plated with genuine 24-Karat Gold, to Jewelers Grade-Heavy thickness, for lasting beauty and value.
•The slide is deeply etched and gold-gilt infilled with the U.S. aircraft star identification and the commemorative tribute.
•Major steel components are mirror polished and blued to a gloss-black finish.
•To further set this Carbine apart as an important collector firearm, the buttstock is inset with a custom-designed symbol of the U.S. Air Force, with its motto and founding date.
•The stocks are custom built of American Walnut and are deluxe finished to high gloss.
Military Specs
Each Carbine in this limited edition is a configured with the adjustable rear sight, the barrel band with the bayonet lug and the wing-type safety. Each is issued with a 15-round magazine and fires .30-caliber M1 Carbine ammo. Each is built in the U.S.A. by Thompson/Auto-Ordnance, the company founded by General John T. Thompson, that makes the Thompson Sub-Machine Gun.

Limited Edition of 500
This is available exclusively through The American Historical Foundation. Only 500 U.S. Air Force Carbines are being made—your immediate guarantee of rarity and collector value. Each Carbine is specially engraved with its Limited Edition Registry number between USAF 001 and USAF 500, and is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, numbered to match. Your ownership and display of this museum-quality firearm today—and as a family heirloom tomorrow, says you’re proud of your U.S. Air Force heritage.

Display Case
A custom-built, luxuriously lined Display Case with engraved identification plaque is available. Includes locking glass lid to protect your firearm from dust and unauthorized handling. Suitable for wall mount or tabletop display.

Shipping Procedure
Since the Tribute is a working firearm, we will arrange delivery through a licensed firearms dealer of your choice.

Reservation Form
I wish to reserve (Quantity) of the "Armed Forces U.S. Air Force M1 Carbine", a working M1 Carbine, at the price of $2,495*. Each Carbine is numbered and registered within the limited edition of 500, and is accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity. Thirty-day return privilege.

Please charge my credit card a deposit of $195 per Carbine. I will pay the balance prior to delivery at the rate of $230 per month, with no interest or carrying charge.
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