USMC House of Pain

USMC House of Pain

I would have no problem with any of those DI's except the little short one who probably has a Napoleanic Complex because of him being vertically challenged. IMHO

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First bear
Mteal Storm Rifle System
1911 x 3
looking fo job !!!!
We do it our way, the right way!
cat hunt
Thank You Sam Adams and not the beer man!
New Palestinian Body Armour reported by the US Left wing media...
US&CRO airplanes over (Istria) - Croatia
My collection
Just back from Raton,
my redneck engineered receiver vice block 2/2 (take 4)
KG Industries Gun Coating....
Dutch--I am holding him, purebred, Himalayan so black, looks blue at times, Hunting cat bred.
Clip vs. Mag Img3

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